SmartCasting Case Studies

The SmartCasting™ 4 M’s marketing strategy is a sound brand building method that nets the best return on investment time after time. It is a transparent solution that is scalable at every level. Grappone Automotive, a large dealer group in New Hampshire, is a glowing example of how success can still be achieved with the SmartCasting™ system, even during down economic periods.


From August 2008 to 2013, the Grappone Automotive Group achieved an overall growth of 31%. Quite a feat when you understand that three and half of those years were considered the worst recession in the US auto industry history.

SmartCasting™ OEM Branding

Another great case study that demonstrates the power of SmartCasting™ is the revitalization project for the new 2011 model line launch for Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Chrysler was struggling to rebuild their brand image after filing for bankruptcy in 2008. Despite virtually being absent from the market in 2009, Chrysler was making some inroads with light-vehicles sales in 2010. However, it wasn’t happening fast enough for the new Chrysler CEO, Sergio Machionne. After a six-month selection process, Chrysler commissioned the  SmartCasting™ marketing program to work with their Tier 1 national launch strategy, featuring the infamous Imported From Detroit campaign that featured Eminem.

The SmartCasting program helped Chrysler achieve nearly all of their objectives that were set forth. Chrysler had a record 99% dealer participation in the Chrysler Premiere Event. The highest level of participation by dealers for any previous factory sanctioned event was only 92%. The final nationwide overall sales results during the targeted thrust month of March was the highest since 2008. This lift in retail sales set a great precedent for the next three quarters and ended with Chrysler’s best year in light-vehicle sales since the reorganization.

SmartCasting™ Builds Great Brand Partnerships

The SmartCasting™ marketing strategy allows for great symbiotic partnerships that simultaneously build brand awareness and retail sales. In the final two months of 2010, Audi USA partnered with the very popular Washington Redskins NFL franchise to promote their Season of Audi Event. The SmartCasting™ PURL (Personalized URL) targeting system is a very effective feature that was part of the success of the overall strategy.

Ultimately, the SmartCasting™ program helped Audi USA achieve their best final quarter sales of the year in that region, while the Washington Redskins continued to build their brand awareness and popularity by associating with a well-known and popular luxury auto brand.

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