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Q: What is your elevator pitch to a dealer?

 A: SmartCast Global creates a “digital” closed loop measurement system between terrestrial mediums (i.e. Radio and TV) and car dealerships.  Google cannot measure a terrestrial message. SmartCast Global can measure the path from terrestrial to digital to ROI.


Q: What is the overall campaign investment level?

 A: Check with our market leader for price sheet.


Q: Why do we drive consumers to a promotional site?

 A: Customers are sent to a different URL because an event is being promoted. This page is not meant to replace the dealer site. However, it is meant to promote an event and increase awareness to the dealership. Once everyone interested is at the event URL they will have the ability to click on a link that takes them to the dealer site if he/she wants to go to there.


This will require the dealer to add a line of code (provided by SCG in the initial on-boarding) to be added to the dealer site. The reason for the code is so that at the end of each day/week/month when we pull the data, we are able to provide the dealer with how many customers went directly from the event site to the dealer site. This makes the event site a referring domain that measures and demonstrates the best referrals.


Q: Does the dealer need to change their tracking system?

 A: We are not asking to change entire sale tracking system. We are providing and event promoted by radio. The promotional campaign analytics identify and track buyers from promotional URL to dealership sales floor and finally dealership DMS to match a sale to a name and gross profit.


Q: Has this platform been tested and what were the results?

 A: Yes, there are many examples of the process. Going to the “Our platform” section of this site will show your dealers what they can expect from a campaign.


Q: When a campaign is sold what is the next step?

 A: You will need the Dealership Onboarding form located in the Resources page.

1. Who do we contact? Go to the resources tab on this site and fill out the forms

2. What forms do we fill out? Dealership onboarding and campaign order form

3. What is needed from the dealership to ensure it gets launched in a timely manner?

i.e. digital elements, videos, access to their inventory, etc.

All content on forms should give us the information we need to get the campaign up and running.


Q: When can dealer data start to be reviewed?

 A: Data is automatically updated every night and accessible whenn logged into the dealership dashboard. Access is available to the dealership dashboard 24/7.


Q: Are we notified when this data is available?

 A: You will be given login credentials to your participating dealership’s results – via their dashboards.


Q: Will we be trained HOW to read the data and consult to our dealerships?

 A: Yes – we have training tutorials for report interpretation


Q: Have there been ANY dealers who didn't see positive results?

 A: Yes, but more positive than negative. Every result matters as we are constantly improving.


Q: The dealers that are currently using the program - are they utilizing radio exclusively to push the URL?

 A: No, a combination of: e-mail, direct mail, d/b(data base) campaigns and cable.


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